What is LTE Direct?

LTE Direct is a new and innovative device-to-device technology being standardized in 3GPP-R12. It enables "always-on" discovery of thousands of devices and their services in a proximity of 500m, in a privacy sensitive and battery efficient way.

LTE Direct uses licensed spectrum, allowing mobile operators to employ it to offer a range of differentiated applications and services to users. Its potential for application development is huge, with possibilities extending to social discovery, advertising, gaming, education, emergency services and much more.

LTE Direct relies on the LTE physical layer to provide a scalable and universal framework for discovery and connection. It works seamlessly with LTE: Subframes are set aside for discovery; resources are time synced with geography.

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Why LTE Direct?

A horizontal discovery platform that provides a scalable, power efficient, Always-On and privacy sensitive framework.

The existing proximal discovery solution is a cloud-based paradigm and is based on the application perpetually tracking the user's location and comparing it against a database of what is in the vicinity. Anything relevant will trigger a particular action (e.g., notifying the user of nearby value).

LTE Direct is an alternative for mobile developers seeking to deploy proximate discovery solutions as extensions of their existing cloud services. It is a distributed discovery solution - apps forego centralized database processing in identifying relevancy matches, instead autonomously determining relevance at the device level by transmitting and monitoring for relevant attributes.

This approach offers crucial privacy benefits. LTE Direct does not utilize the dreaded perpetual location tracking in determining proximity. And by keeping discovery on the device rather than in the cloud, it allows for user level controls over what is shared.

LTE Direct uses radio signals - called "expressions" - which can be private and discreet (targeted securely for certain audiences only) or public (transmitted so that any application can receive them). Public expressions are a common language available to any application to discover each other, and this is the door to consumer utility and adoption.

Public expressions exponentially expand the field of value. Someone using Facebook to monitor for "photography" may find a new exhibit opening (broadcast via Yelp), an SVP of photography at ESPN (broadcast via LinkedIn), or another photography expert (broadcast via Twitter). Public expressions combine all applications - all value - into one single network, thereby expanding utility of system.

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